"To live charitably means not looking out for your own interests, but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest among us.” – Pope Francis

Living in Gandhi House

Corps members live in SOME’s Gandhi House, which is located near Catholic University in northeast Washington, DC. This shared living experience offers a unique balance of communal lifestyle and independence.

Corps members share meals several times a week, share chores and experiences while also respecting one another’s individuality and allowing for personal growth.

Living simply involves much more than the amount of one’s expendable income, and that simplicity must be actively sought each day. This process of intentional decision making reflects the belief that the way in which we live can make a difference for others in our world.

Corps members live simply so that others may simply live.

Social Justice

Help us restore hope and dignity one person at a time.

There are 8,350 homeless men, women and children in our nation’s capital. Nearly one in five DC residents live at or below the poverty line.

Corps members provide direct service to individuals and families who are marginalized, oppressed, homeless, or in need materially, emotionally or otherwise. Working directly with those who are disenfranchised, Corps members come to better understand the challenges of poverty and injustice experienced by so many people. Often it is the Corps members themselves who are served and changed by the persons with whom they work and they become voices and advocates for justice and social change for their brothers and sisters.


What about my student loans?

SOME will provide a letter that indicates the duration of your service, August – August, and the amount of your stipend. Most lenders will offer deferment or forbearance on your loan(s) due to economic hardship. It would be wise to contact your lenders now to discuss this matter and let them know of your possible full time service and if they will allow deferment or forbearance.

When does the program start?

The year of service begins in mid-August and continues to the following August.  All Corps members will be notified of the mid-August move-in date and initial orientation.  During initial orientation, attention will be given to Corps members living together in Gandhi House – it is a time for everyone to establish how they want to live in community.  Therefore, it is important that everyone be present to participate in initial orientation. 

What are the living arrangements?

We strive to ‘live simply so others may simply live.’ SOME’s Volunteer Corps Program provides a shared living situation for Corps members in Gandhi House, located in Northeast Washington, DC, walking distance to Catholic University of America (CUA). Each member has a private room. Up to five volunteers, men and women, live in Gandhi House. A willingness to participate and contribute to this experience is essential to each volunteer. The characteristics of this type of communal living are: a simple lifestyle; a supportive and shared living environment; and welcoming hospitality to each other and visitors.

Can family and/or friends visit me and stay in Gandhi House?

Guests of Corps members are always welcome to visit and/or share a meal. All in the house should welcome guests and make them feel at home. Overnight guests are welcome provided there is room in the house and everyone agrees to an overnight guest. Corps members must clear guests visiting with the Volunteer Coordinator and other Corps members, letting them know when and how long a guest will be visiting. If a private room is not available, a guest could sleep on a couch if all Corps members are in agreement.

Do I get vacation, holidays and sick days?

All Corps members at SOME are given positions of responsibility.  Corps members  work 40 hours a week as assigned.  Each Corps member is entitled to two weeks of vacation during the year as well as ten legal holidays and sick days. 

What kinds of things might I be involved in?

Corps members are involved in all aspects of SOME’s services, e.g., medical and dental clinics, single and family housing programs, elderly services, job training, mental health services or addiction programs. Service placement is discerned with the Corps member and the President of SOME and focuses on the needs of SOME and the gifts, talents, interests and flexibility of the Corps member. All Corps members assist with SOME’s summer camp program for low income seniors.

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